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Re: Rotary stair cleaning


Their 13" blue bonnet is just right for the challenger stair machine, and it doesn't pull the velcro off the machine when you pull the bonnet off.

Re: Rotary stair cleaning

As I may have mentioned on the Forum before, the Oreck Orbiter works quite well on all but the smallest stairs with the Challenger stair tool's 14" pads.
It doesn't do all that well on the bullnose (is that the right word?) and can't be used at all if you have to clean risers. My 6" orbital stair tool - the one I ship out with my start-up Package - works very well on the bullnose (the rounded part of the stair) as well as on the riser.

Re: Rotary stair cleaning

i just got a new Orbiter off eBay and LOVE it! heavier than my GEM orbital polisher and digs in for better cleaning. great tool.