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Re: Natural Pre-Spray

Nice! The encaps keep getting better and better. I remember the good old days when John G was padding with old blue, Abstraction TLC and cotton pads and was getting killer results. Actually that’s what first got me into padding.

Re: Natural Pre-Spray

yea those were the good ole days .... i guess??

it is awesome how far chemistry & technology has come...we are all very fortunate

i hope the new Challenger owners take the Challenger into this decade and bring out a machine to compete with the current "big buys." something a little larger with wheels-on-the-ground. without the mechanical problems of those other "big boys." Challenger has been my most trouble-free OP by far.

Re: Natural Pre-Spray

Ya, I totally agree with you Derek. I believe that there is still great potential in Challenger, and things need to be modernized and up dated a bit. Its exciting to hear that there are a couple of other partners involved. It brings innovation and diversity. Man I love my Challenger, and trust me....I’ve given this machine a beating and it continues to give me smooth maintenance free service...its like a timex...takes a licking and keeps on ticking.

Re: Natural Pre-Spray

I wish I was able to shed a more detailed light on the re-org - or whatever
it is - that has been proceeding slowly for some time now at Challenger. I can only report what Brooks has told me - that two people are coming into the business, and B.B. will continue to have some kind of a role there.

The Challenger Titan is a good machine, and I believe it has the potential to be a serious rival to Orbitec's Defender. Ideally, it would run with either the wheels up or down. I think Brooks has done a few machines that way already, although I don't own a Titan.

Re. no-chem or low-chem pre-sprays: I continue to use Vacaway's Encap Green believing it to contain just a fraction of one percent of non-natural material. At least that's how I recall Steve there explaining it to me.