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Re: Natural Pre-Spray

i use w/e is going to give me the best results.

for dog urine contamination homes, i clean with UR Out which isn't encap. that doesn't mean it's natural. i'll also add 40 volume hydrogen peroxide.

all my other cleaning solutions are either labeled as crystal forming or film forming encap's.

Re: Natural Pre-Spray

Nice! The encaps keep getting better and better. I remember the good old days when John G was padding with old blue, Abstraction TLC and cotton pads and was getting killer results. Actually that’s what first got me into padding.

Re: Natural Pre-Spray

yea those were the good ole days .... i guess??

it is awesome how far chemistry & technology has come...we are all very fortunate

i hope the new Challenger owners take the Challenger into this decade and bring out a machine to compete with the current "big buys." something a little larger with wheels-on-the-ground. without the mechanical problems of those other "big boys." Challenger has been my most trouble-free OP by far.

Re: Natural Pre-Spray

Ya, I totally agree with you Derek. I believe that there is still great potential in Challenger, and things need to be modernized and up dated a bit. Its exciting to hear that there are a couple of other partners involved. It brings innovation and diversity. Man I love my Challenger, and trust me....I’ve given this machine a beating and it continues to give me smooth maintenance free service...its like a timex...takes a licking and keeps on ticking.

Re: Natural Pre-Spray

I wish I was able to shed a more detailed light on the re-org - or whatever
it is - that has been proceeding slowly for some time now at Challenger. I can only report what Brooks has told me - that two people are coming into the business, and B.B. will continue to have some kind of a role there.

The Challenger Titan is a good machine, and I believe it has the potential to be a serious rival to Orbitec's Defender. Ideally, it would run with either the wheels up or down. I think Brooks has done a few machines that way already, although I don't own a Titan.

Re. no-chem or low-chem pre-sprays: I continue to use Vacaway's Encap Green believing it to contain just a fraction of one percent of non-natural material. At least that's how I recall Steve there explaining it to me.