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Merry Christmas everyone

Re: Christmas

Thanks for getting a Christmas message in here, Steve. My wife & I spent
the day before organizing and travelling to our every-other-year Christmas
visit to family members in Santa Monica, CA, so I forgot to do so.
So, on this day after Christmas, I will wish everyone a Happy Boxing Day.
For those unfamiliar with Boxing Day, it has nothing to do with people attempting to punch other people until they collapse to the canvas.
In "upstairs-downstairs" England, Boxing Day is when the people who own the
manor house (the earl, the duke, or whoever) box up gifts for the "little people" who live in the basement, and who keep the estate running all year
round - the cook, the butler, the chauffer, the gardener, etc.
So Happy Boxing Day, whichever end of that arrangement you may be on.