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thanks Mark

ok just wanted to share my story,,, bought the challenger from mark about 2 years ago things started real slow for me, I bought every piece of equipment you can buy to clean carpets probably not the wisest thing to do with no customers anyways i have stayed steady for last 2 years but recently just landed my largest account ever last month.... fifteen commercial buildings cleaned twice a year at 1500 per cleaning....thats a 45k contract,(holy S**T still cant believe it),,,, so far i have cleaned 2 of the buildings with nothing but the challenger so needless to say Christmas is looking good this year thanks again mark. I have made more money with the challenger than i have with any other peice of equipment i own

Re: thanks Mark

Congrats on your sell, so how did the sell happen? How did you find the buyer, or did he find you?

Re: thanks Mark

Congratulations, Aaron. When I tell people that I have had 20+ years of c.c. success, using the Challenger for nearly all of my work, they sometimes don't want to believe it. On the really big jobs, I also haul along my Orbitec CX-20 and sometimes even my Cimex 24", but the Challenger (I have three) is the real meal ticket.