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About four months ago I receive my Challenger package from Mark. I wanted to start a business that had low overhead and provided me something different from what other's were doing. I have well paid for my machine and the word is getting out. We are going into businesses that just had their carptets cleaned and cleaning a small section to show them what was left. They are amazed. I also landed 8 At@T wireless stores and they were thrilled that I could clean their carpets as they still conducted business. I just ordered 20 new super absorbing pads from Smarter Cleaning Solutions. They are more expensive, however they are cleaning so much better. I am finding that using heat on tough stains really make a difference. I have made my own bucket heater using a 110 heating element. This is helping me have a hot water source. I can't say thank you enough to Mark for all his help. He is always available and is very interested in my success.

Re: LOVE MY NEW CHALLENGER to a great start I see....I haven't had any luck getting commercial did you approach the AT&T stores?