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I'm Having Success With.....

I have recently gained a couple of customers in the field which
offers personal services in some combination of
---various skin treatments

These places have a tendency to drop massage oil onto the carpets
that they invariably have in their treatment rooms. I happen to
think that having carpet in rooms where oil is being used in this
manner is a real mistake.
I first did a Message Envy franchise. The woman who runs the place
told me she has had no luck removing oil spots with traditional
c.c. methods. I told her "no guarantees, but I would try."
The carpeting was black/grey low-pile commercial grade. I sprayed
a little more heavily than normally, then scrubbed with a
Fiber-Max pad - the really coarse and aggressive ones. Then I did a mopping up step with damp O.P. pads. While I
could see that it didn't remove all of the oil spots, it did get
rid of a lot of them, MUCH to the owner's delight!

The other place is a Living Well franchise. They have wool carpet, so I used the less aggressive Fiber-Plus pads, then followed up as above.
These folks were also quite pleased with my results.

Re: I'm Having Success With.....

When you told her that you would TRY to clean it, was that under condition she would pay your normal rate even if you couldn't get the spots up? I ask because I have had some custy's tell me they want discounts if I can't get all of the spots and stains up. I then agree because I am still new to the game and need the work. Luckily I have had only one tell me "that spot is still there". And that is my sister spot that never goes away, doesn't fade either...can't win them all but she pays me well for the effort.

Re: I'm Having Success With.....

Hey Steve, I usually do a quick intro when I arrive to the customers house, and ask them to show me the areas that need to be cleaned and "any problem areas they may have." It has worked well to make sure the customer has reasonable expectations of the cleaning, I also then know what they consider important with their carpet cleaning, once I ask that and they show me which areas or spots they consider "problem areas" I will tell them before hand if it will come up, or lighten up, and why it will not if so. This small change in the way I start the appointment has helped the cleanings go smooth and makes sure the customer is educated on why certain spots come out and certain spots do not. Vacaway has a variety of spotters, and you can pretty much bet that if they don't have something to get a spot out, then it's not coming out.