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sanding wood floor

I am removing my attic carpet due to way too much cat has been gone since before i bought the challenger..hardly went into attic but I am redoing it...can I use the challenger to sand the surface? And then seal it before I either get carpet installed or use some area rugs. And what and where would I get the pad/stripper/sander?...Just taking the carpet up(I got done half so far)is doing wonders for the odor.

Re: sanding wood floor

Is there any type of finish on the floor? In many attics, which were not
intended as being living space, the will be no finish on the floor.
With a white pad holding a sanding screen in place, you should be able to
smooth out the surface enough to be able to apply some polyurethane finish.
I would add about 20 lbs. of runners weights to the Challenger. But there is no dust-catching mechanism with a setup like this, so there will be a fair amount
of sawdust to clean up afterwards. You might want to consider bringing in a local wood floor refinishing professional, who has dustless sanding equipment, to do the sanding part. Then, you apply the finish, and dust cleanup will be minimal.