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Challenger quit working today

Was in the middle of a job today. Changed pads and my machine would not run again It just sat and hummed. I think it is a switch or a capacitor anybody have any ideas?

Re: Challenger quit working today

sorry to hear about this...I would call either Mark or Brooks...I thought I heard that there is a reset button but haven't looked into it yet...I am looking into getting a Trinity if I get the money or a oreck orbitor...Trinity would be good for res or commer. and oreck would be a good back-up for res if this happens to me.

Re: Challenger quit working today

THe reset button is under the top cover 3 little screws and it is right there. I took my machine to the motor shop yesterday. Blown capacitor and a broken clip that fell down into the wiring somewhere.150 bucks and out the door