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independent contracting

Well, ashamed to admit this but here goes. Been involved with this about a yr maybe a little less..can't seem to get custys(or enough to matter)..really can't afford ads other than online yellow pages and craigslist..tried flyers and some cold calling...they all seem put off by the price...a few said "well your here now so do the job". So I decided to do independent contract work for a national company which by the way, I hate the way they do business. They get the leads for you by low-ball offers and expect you to upsell. This leads to ****** off custys..They pay after a little negotiating. I start chit chatting with them and happen to mention I run my own cleaning biz on the side and they ask for a card. I didn't sign any contract saying I can't compete so i hope there will be no problem...Custys in the end are very happy with the job I did so maybe I will "steal" them from the national company. I only get a small % and i pay for all material and product and gas and tolls and so on.

Re: independent contracting

Dont be ashamed These people that are in the busineses know people who know people. I do the same for a guy in Mass. He treats me very well pay wise I have also done work for the carpet cleaning mafioso types they dont pay great. Most of these places wanna pay 05 cents a sq for HWE. Yeah right good luck. I tell them .10a sq scrub and run or find someone else I have learned alot by dealing with these guys

Re: independent contracting

They sent me a contract that just stated I was an independent contractor and would get 35% of the price of the job...I did it for 2 days and figured I was not making enough...I told them 35 wasn't good enough due to them sending me on jobs that were costing me too much in gas...I said I need more..."OK" he tells me...I can go to 45% and no higher...I say NO, I want 50...he says "OK"...

Re: independent contracting

They will negociate. Especially when you are the last thing between them and no sale at all. I got a call a couple of months ago lady had an accident in the dressing room. All I did was show up use my spotter and Challenger I asked how much The said we can pay up to 250 dollars with out an estimate I said ok 250 No problem 20 minutes of work and I was out of there. I also went back a month later and did the rest of the store. I squezzed .15 cents a aq out of them I did about 4k and made 600 bucks. I used a big dual speed rotary and the Challenger on the real nasty spots. Took me and my helper just under 5 hrs to do this store.DId we get Cimex or Trinity speed well no but it was a good quality time for 2 people

Re: independent contracting

Hey Glenside, are you doing anything else then, and do you have a priority local listing on, (ads at the top) as far as inbound search marketing. We try to be as many places as possible on the front page of google when people search for carpet cleaning, if you have not, you want to get familiar with the different areas of the first page and what it takes to show up in those areas, the ads on top are Google AdWords, as well as the ads on the right side. The local results with a letter and on a map, are called local results. The items below that are called organic search results, that's pretty much it.

Also you said you did some cold calling, and I was wondering if you meant to residential customers, or commercial prospects. Cold calling to residents would have to be done on a very large scale to produce good results, cold calling to business is a very good habit to start, because as op cleaners we are actually able to clean most commercial glued down carpets with greater benefits in my opinion. I have been able to produce results, fast dry time, no recurring stains "wicking" etc., better than other cleaners that only hwe. Companies that have been in business for years and years, and I just got started.

Email me if you would like,