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day care

Hi guys, I want to try and target day-cares....So I suppose it would be best to use bio-based products...What is the shelf life or Orbit Natural? And will it take care of what you would find in a day care?

Re: day care

I use encap green on these places (not that i have many i do a couple o churches and i use ecg on the nursuries Keeps the baby stench down

Re: day care

Clearly the most effective way to market to day care centers, schools, or any locations in which young
respiratory systems are going to be gathering on a daily basis is with a green product - the greener the better. I carry both Vacaways's Encap Green with me at all times, as well as such Bioforce products as "Outsolv" and "Carpet & Upholstery Cleaner".
(Bioforce: Call each prospect, after mailing them a brochure or letter, and try to arrange a free, no-obligation demo cleaning in a limited area. This should get you high on their short list of potential service providers.