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FP Pads

I may have asked this before but I'll ask again. I just started getting some calls and did a couple of residential jobs. The one I did today had some pretty bad spots on a traffic lane. I presprayed, then used a FP pad to break up the soil. I then used a wet pad to bring the soil up. Do any of you use FP on residentials? I didn't go to town on the carpets as I didn't want to damage it.

Re: FP Pads

Yup just use them wet and dont stand still with them Keep them moving I think mark has even gone as far as using a stripper pad on a last chance carpet

Re: FP Pads

I have occasionally used the FiberMax pad (the grey one)
on really bad carpet. I will advise the customer in advance that this is a pretty aggressive approach, and only use it as a kind of last-gasp measure.