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Re: Looking to make more sales?

I think a god way to add commercial business is to point out in whatever material you direct at this market that all you are seeking is a few minutes to perform a limited area demo in a representative area of the company's carpeted floors. Many company execs and facility managers are familiar only with HWE, and need to be educated, without feeling any sales pressure, on how a low-moisture, high agitation system can benefit them. Once they say "Hey, that looks pretty good", then you can arrange to measure the job out, and submit a proposal to them.

Re: Looking to make more sales?

Thanks Mark, you are exactly right. I just got a call today from a prospect, they do valves and have little oil stains all over the office area, not heavy like oriental rest., but normal traffic stuff mixed with oil residue. I was able to come in and do a demo quickly, stains where gone and stayed gone carpet looked great. The other two companies he had come out to demo could not clean without the stains reappearing. One company also wanted to hook up to their water system. I think it is a great opportunity for a novice carpet cleaner like myself to come in and outperform companies that have been in business many years. Good stuff, I am definitely going to push the demos.