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Re: Start A Carpet Cleaning Business

Ummm no, there was a link to the forum from the main site. I haven't purchased a package because I'm not interested in a franchise...

Looking for some basic tips like what is the minimal essential equipment I need to start out.

Re: Start A Carpet Cleaning Business

This is not a franchise just a bb with a start up package offer.Also a pretty good one if I might add.There are more expensive packages but the key with this package is the guy who offers it

Re: Start A Carpet Cleaning Business

Dave. Why don't you give me a call - my cell phone is
978-314-3301 - and I can try and answer your questions.

Re: Start A Carpet Cleaning Business

this thread has turned into a spammers delight

Mark Dullea owns this site and sells his own package, therefore it wouldn't be polite for any of us to post about other equipment or packages that you should invest in.

on these forums you need to consider Mark D's package. i did 9 years ago and i don't regret it!