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Re: help getting customers

I appreciate the response Mark. I do have a website: with pictures and even some you tube videos on there. I also advertise with the theme that the products I use are environmentally safe. I currently use Vacaway's Intensity Green and Spot N Boost Green. I have cleaned a couple of friends and neighbors houses for free with these products.

Re: help getting customers

I know it seems like a no brainer, Try a newspaper ad.Alot of my customers dont even use the internet. I would try a small weekly paper instead of the bigger ones. The ad rates seem to be a bit cheaper and more localized. Just my 02

Re: help getting customers

I also struggled in the beginning, and still do, but I will tell you to get your name out there quickly is to do the coupon offers, like amazonlocal, livingsocial, any local tv stations have deals, there is no up front costs, the only thing is you split profits, but I have had over 100 clients where I was struggling to get 1, I've been in business almost 1 year. I've just put my first ad in local newspaper. I've had some repeat business and when I get a day off, gonna start calling on some of my past clients. I have a website and I am on Facebook. So keep plugging your business name. Hang in there.

Re: help getting customers

Kevin, you mentioned you had a website, the real question is which section of the first page on the major search engines are you on? I try to be in as many areas as possible on the front page and that alone will get you a lot of business, you just have to decide how and what you are willing to spend to get there. Feel free to contact me, I am no expert, but have had many talks with many companies on search and can give you the rundown on options to be listed, if I had not started doing internet marketing I would be in another business by now.