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15" Cimex- CR38

Do any of you own a 15" Cimex,If so do they work as good as the 19" only with a narrower path ? The 19" one wood be too heavy for my wife & I. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated! starting to get into some bigger commercial jobs & have a 15" challenger.

Re: 15" Cimex- CR38

I own a 24" Cimex, which I only haul out on my very largest commercial jobs. Despite its size and weight, I am able to load it on and off of my work vehicle, which is the compact SUV Honda Element, by myself. In fact, with the rear seats removed, I can carry both this beast AND my Orbitec CX-20, along with a Challenger or two and all the other usual stuff needed on a large job.

The trick to loading it alone is to use a set of ramps about 10' long, which I can carry on my roof rack when needed. With the ramps, one person of moderate size can first pull the Cimex's wheels onto the ramps; then you switch to the handle end of the machine and kind of slowly work it up the ramps into the vehicle. Getting it off when you get to the jobsite is much simpler & easier. But I only bring either of these two large machines when there is a loading dock with lift, and elevators for moving them between floors.

Re: 15" Cimex- CR38

Thanks Mark for the helpfull info.