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Filtration Lines

Hi everyone,

Has anybody ever tried an enzyme product on filtration lines? On a job today I found the only spotter I had on hand was my Nature's Miracle, the pet stain product. I remembered that last year I was in the same situation, only that time it was shoe polish, and amazingly, the N.M. got it all out. Same thing today. My customer was determined that I get the lines out from the edges of the room and around the registers. Figuring I had nothing to lose, I brushed it in good and scrubbed it by hand with a small stair tool pad. It came out really clean and the customer was very happy. Any ideas on why it worked so well?

Re: Filtration Lines

Is this a high foaming product?

Filtration lines are made up of mostly carbon or other insoluble particles. Anything that can suspend them for later removal should work.

Re: Filtration Lines

Vacaway's Spot-n-Boost and Cyclone products work well with filtration lines. I usually keep my steam vapor machine fired up as a back-up on an as-needed basis.

Re: Filtration Lines

Mike: Yes it is high foaming. I was thinking enzyme pet cleaners were more specific to the bacterial break down of urine.

Mark: Spot-n-Boost is my "go to" spotter for sure.It does a great job. I just need to order larger quantities as I seem to go through it fairly quickly. Haven't tried Cyclone yet.