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Re: Price to Clean Hotel

I expect to do 4 rooms per hour with two people working. We would probably move several furniture items in each room.

I ended up quoting $24 per room and 12 cents per sq ft for the common areas and halls. $4155 for the entire hotel of 117 rooms.

Also, remember that this is the Boston area. For my residential rates of $39 per standard bedroom and $69 for living rooms under 300 sq ft (ends up being $250-$300 for the average house), I have been accussed of charging too little. ...I know, hotels and homes are world's apart.

From what you are saying, I have bid too high and will not get the job. It's a good thing I didn't go any higher! I thought I was going low! I usually get 20 cents sq ft for commercial jobs, albeit smaller jobs.

I will be paying my worker 20 to 22 per hour. I don't want to hire the lowest tier workers. My residential clients wouldn't want them in their houses, and so I am used to working that way.

Thanks for the input!