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white carpet

lately I've had white carpet with a greasy film on it. after putting down chemical and padding it it looks like it spreads it's very difficult get clean. Luckily the people have been glad to see some of it is clean and not so black, of course I'm not happy about it after cleaning. White carpet is not my fav to clean. I was thinking about dry padding it first to see what comes up, then apply chemical. Any suggestions on cleaning white carpet greatly appreciated.

Re: white carpet

Are you using a cleaning product that contains elements designed to break up oil & grease? A couple of these are Vacaway's Hot Knife and Bioforce's Outsolv. I'm not sure I know what you mean by dry padding. Is that an attempt to vibrate deep down particulate matter to the surface, where it can then be vacuumed away? While that might be a good thing to do overall, I'm not sure it will result in a better look for the carpet after you have cleaned it. You may just have to spend more than the normal amount of time on this carpet, due to its being white AND having an oily substance on it.

Re: white carpet

Try Blast from Vacaway that might do it

Re: white carpet

I have used Hot knife, I like it and it does a good job, guess Ill spend more time when its white carpet, I've tried Blast, don't like it, don't like fact have to use within 12 /16 hours once mixed or looses it's effectiveness.