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Commercial Flooring charge

Hi guys I need someone's opinion on what to charge for linoleum floor that is in need of cleaning, buffing out scuff marks and so forth, its 2531 sq ft what would you charge, it's my first potential commercial acct. I figured around $500. 6 hrs of labor if that.

Re: Commercial Flooring charge

As long it's just for cleaning, this sounds like an all-right price. I always advise people to bill based on what dollars they hope to generate per man-hour (person-hour!) on the job. Just make sure that this is not a stripping job - where they expect you to strip off old floor finish.

Re: Commercial Flooring charge

Pam, I like the "Confucious say: Wetter is not better"
on your website. (Wish I'd thought of that.)

Re: Commercial Flooring charge

Yup I thought it was kinda clever...also have on my van and the letters look like their dripping...
Thanks for the answer and the compliment..