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Couple of questions

Could someone share their experience running the Challenger Titan?

Did the Watsons sell their Challenger business to someone else?

Re: Couple of questions

Cant answer the first but I can the 2nd The Watsons sold Challenger to Brooks Beeler

Re: Couple of questions

I have only used standard Challengers. Try contacting Brooks at Challenger at He should be able to give you the names and contact information of people who have purchased the Titan. I have probably sold one or two out of the 200 or so Challengers I have sold. If you don't get a reply from Brooks, let me know, and I will dig into my records.

Re: Couple of questions

Thanks Mark.

Re: Couple of questions

Hi Joe

I have 3 machines and 2 are titans. I like them lil heavier than the 15" so it handles t & g better.

Are u looking for one?

I have 1 machine out getting someone set up in another town close by

But im wanting a different toy! So im thinking of keeping the 15" and selling the 17