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got it, then lost it

Got my 1st commercial job this week. A cafe. 1522 sq/ft for 250.00... Owner called a few hrs before I was supposed to be there and cancelled. Said Sat. was a bad money day for him and he couldn't afford to pay me. Said he would call in a couple of weeks. Sounds fishy as he is hosting an event next week and I would think he would want the carpets clean. He used a guy with a porty and wand and his major complaint was carpets took too long to dry so he fired him. I got a lead on it, talked to him about and did a hand-shake deal. I came up with 304.00 for the job telling him I didn't bother to measure the booth areas and would just do them anyway. Well he told me he was paying the other guy 200.00...we met in the middle. Thia was Thurs. I got home and told my wife that I got the job, but there is plenty of time for him to back out. Should I have compromised my price more. The site is almost an hr away.

Re: got it, then lost it

Welocme to the world of Commerical carpet cleaning Things like this happen all the time Sucks that it was your first one I had a nice shoe store acct.I lost them for no reason other than the economy I had 4 stores 3 times a year Went to twice then once a year to We will call ya

Re: got it, then lost it

Call him in a couple of weeks if you don't hear from him.