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tiger striped pads

With the synthetic pads with green scrubbing stripes,how often do you guys have to change them on commercial carpet? Thinking about getting some.Thanks alot guys!

Re: tiger striped pads

just like anything else depends how much of soil load you have. I can get about 500 sq ft on a regular tuway pad

Re: tiger striped pads

I consider the green-striped pads to be the equivalent of a scrub brush, or a FiberPlus pad (maybe a little more absorbent than a FiberPlus pad.) While green-stripe pads can remove some soil, they are made of synthetic fibers that have no absorbent qualities. Which means they are fine for encap cleaning, where the major soil removal occurs later via vacuuming. If you are encapping a large commercial area, you could theoretically use just one side of a green-stripe pad for the whole job, just as you could do the whole job with a FiberPlus pad, or even a scrub brush. This job could turn out fine, although I think you could even out the look by cotton padding the more heavily soiled areas, such as traffic patterns or the carpeted lunch room. In residential situations, I would only use a green-stripe pad as a pre-scrub for heavily soiled or spotted areas, then go back over everything with pads containing a high cotton content.