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lots of pads.

Did my in-laws house today for "real" money..Woohoo..The challenger did an awesome job getting rid of spots and stains from 2 dogs and 3 kids. Only problem was I could have gone all night over and over in the living room and still come up with dirty pads. 300sq/ft living room. 4 reg pads-2 100% cotton pads. And a bonnet pad for laughs. Carpet looks good(7 pads total using both sides on 4 different passes)but I think I could easily go thru more pads and keep bringing soil up. I did a spare bedroom that had a really trashy carpet and kinda amazed myself in how it turned out. got off topic, as for the living room, I overlapped 50%. Do you run into this often? Carpet is only about 1 1/2 old.

Re: lots of pads.

Sounds like a lot of soil for carpets that are only 1.5 years old. But, yes, there are jobs like this every now and then. There can be a nearly infinite amount of soil in a carpet. With OP cleaning, you can achieve increasingly lower levels of soil on each pad, and I suppose if you could devote endless hours to working on the job, eventually your pads (if you had any left!) might look only faintly gray. With a wet method such as hot water extraction, you could work endlessly and watch the level of soil in the extracted water eventually look close to clean, but in the process you would have totally soaked the carpet through & through.
The only method with which you can be sure you are removing all of the soil without (A) working endlessly, or (B) soaking the carpet, is when you send an area rug out to a cleaning plant. And since you cannot do this with W2W carpeting, your results will of necessity be something of a compromise between the theoretically achieveable and the practically achieveable. You can let your customer be your guide. When you think you have put in a reasonable level of time and effort, ask the customer what he or she thinks of the results. I am betting they will say "That looks great" and you can get ready to move on to the next room.

Re: lots of pads.

Thanks Mark,
They are away for the weekend except for my father in-law who lives there. But he couldn't care less what the carpets look like. Since I more or less had the house to myself I had noone to ask what they thought.