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got my 1st reject

1 down, I am sure I have many to go. Did a cold call visit today at a CVS Pharmacy. No sooner did I get the words "carpet cleaning" out, I was told they go thru corporate to get their carpets serviced. Should I try to pursue this with corporate or accept the failure and move on?

Re: got my 1st reject

Most chainstores CC'ing is handled thru corporate offices. Aim for locally owned companies whose owner or mgr is on site. Doctor's offices, Dental offices, Churches, etc are always good places to start. I havebeen after some Phys. rehab places. They are loaded with carpet

Re: got my 1st reject

Sorry about the rejection, but as Steve indicated, it will be a learning experience. Most big companies look to contract work out from the top. It's easier to manage, even if the results sometimes (often!) suck.
I have had excellent success over the years with funeral homes. Though some have, in the last decade or so, been consolidated by large national companies, many are still locally owned family businesses. Most have a lot of carpeting, so as to be appropriately quiet.
A quick-dry cleaning method like OP will best serve their needs. Many funeral directors in an area know each other, since many work on each other's funerals.
In this way they get to know each other, and this can result in a good rate of referrals. Just keep in mind that every funeral facility has something called a "preparation room". You probably want to know where this is. Just walking in unknowingly can be unsettling.