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I have for several years used the Royal Dirt Devil
"Classic" model hand-held vac for use on carpeted stairs and upholstery fabrics. Its belt-driven motorized brush makes it great at digging out the deep-down dirt.
However, it has been discontinued, I have just been told by my local vac shop person. However, it has re-emerged as the Royal Pro Series; model ER-10000.
However, I can't find it at, but can find it (it is now blue instead of red) at, for $59.95. still shows the Classic model, also at $59.95 despite my being told it is no longer available. ???

Re: Porta-Vacs

I bought a B@D hand vac at a yard sale this summer. It is very much like the model you described. I paid a whopping buck for it. Works great and has a 30 foot cord to boot.

Re: Porta-Vacs

I will give you TWO DOLLARS for it, and you will have DOUBLED YOUR MONEY!