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pads and bonnets

Can you use bonnet pads on the challenger?

Re: pads and bonnets

Yes but becareful takin them off Velco loves Tuway pads

Re: pads and bonnets

What do you mean by bonnet pads?

Re: pads and bonnets

I've seen those striped bonnets. Did I err when I put PAD on the end? When I think of bonnets, I think of the ones you put on a car polisher. The ones that wrap around the driver. So the ones I've seen online look like pads to me. A rookie mistake?
Oh,, btw, I did the rest of my berber, only took 1 1/2 hrs to dry and it looks great. Used the stiar tool for the one step I have and my wife couldn't be happier. I used to use the bissel steam cleaner(store bought) and figured I'd never get this berber clean. Challenger rocks. Just need to work on the pulling it wants to do.