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more ?s

Sorry guys but more questions coming. I can't remember where i read this but is it true to keep changing pads untill you run over the carpet and the pad is grey? Pure rookie here. I did the rest of the berber and it looks pretty good. I have this thought of the custy running a white glove over it after i leave. And also(for now), I read on one of the carpet cleaning sights to run a carpet rake after the cleaning, do you guys just vacuum?

Re: more ?s

IF I am using my rotary I will re vacuum to reset the pile When I use my Challenger I almost never do As for the gray pad test. Clean for me is when the custy says WOW look how clean it is. It is all about the perception of clean. I have had them on both ends of the spectrum. I did one earlier this summer IT was a rental property she wanted it to look livable. SO her idea of clean was not mine There were some very noticable stains that she said ah dont worry about it. Well I did worry about it When she went back to VAI went to the property managent place she turned the house over to and got the keys and went back and brought it to my level of clean for no extra charge Change pads as oftn as neccesary. Could be 2 passes could be an entire house. When you make a pass and see no soil transfer to th pad It is time to flip it or change it. I did a 2800 ft house today with only 4 pads. Last week I did a 600sq ft 2 bed room apt and that place took 6 pads and I used a Fiberplus pad