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Hey Mark

Hey,Mark i am going to start doing seo for other carpet cleaners now..What do you think of me charging 200 a month and no contract for 3 keywords..

Re: Hey Mark

I don't know the going rates. I currently spend around $200 to Google AdWords for several keywords connected to the site where I sell my start-up Package - This lets me appear as one of the sponsored listings for such terms as
"carpet cleaning business"; "start a carpet cleaning business"; "starting a carpet cleaning business", etc.
On both Microsoft's Bing as well as Yahoo search, these keywords and several others will bring my website up #1 out of millions of page found. But I have never been able to attain that level of success with Google. If I paid you every month what I am now paying Google, what kind of results do you think you could achieve in Google's natural search results? Would you be willing to work on a "pay for results" type of arrangement?
My concern is that I start paying you, and drop AdWords, and your efforts don't succeed in getting me well up onto page one of organic results, then I could be worse off rather than better off.