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big brillo pad

Hi everyone, Reading thru the manual today. Real interesting. Going to try the stair tool on my sofa today. Do I need to cut the pads(13/14") to fit the tool or use them like they are? And with the stair tool I recieved a huge brown brillo like pad, what is this for?

Re: big brillo pad

I sent out the stair tool with one of the 14" pads held in place by a heavy-duty rubber band (buy these at Staples) so as to show you how I use them. I used to be able to buy smaller, custom-size, all-cotton pads for the stair tool, but that company is no longer in business. Use pads with a high cotton content with this tool. There are small "TuWay" pads available, but these are 100% synthetic fiber which grip on much too tightly to the velcro. When you go to take the pad off, you will rip the velcro off at the same time.

The so-called Brillo pad is a FiberPlus pad. You will find it to be very useful when you encounter very heavily soiled or spotted carpet. Spray somewhat more heavily than normal. Scrub area with the FiberPlus pad. Then go back over the area with absorbent pads.
When the FiberPlus pad wears down to 1/2" or 1/4", throw it away and use a new one. Buy these at in the 15" size.

Re: big brillo pad

Thanks, I kinda thought it was for heavy scrubbing but I never saw anything like this and when I did a search for fiber plus pads, nothing that looked like this came up.
More questions coming to a post near you.

Re: big brillo pad

I just did a Google search for "fiber plus pads" (using the quote marks") and it turned up 3390 results. When I removed the quotes, this number went up to 1,200,000.