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got a box today

Hi Mark, Got the 1st shipment today. Thanks. The stair machine came with 4 13" pads. Seems kinda big for the tool. Is this right? I got the hand brush, manual, oban and a big brillo pad(is this for heavy scrubbing?)...I knew I was getting a boz today from the UPS email I got last week. Does all the other stuff come with the challenger? And when can I expect the next shipment?

Re: got a box today

congrats on the new toys Steve

the pads need to be bigger than the cleaning head of the machine. so it sounds like the pads are bigger.?.

welcome to the club

Re: got a box today

Thanks Derek. Can't wait for the challenger to arrive.

Re: got a box today

I will ask Brooks to email you a shipping status report.
I used to be able to have smaller double round pads made up special order, but the company that made them - Argo & Co. - recently went out of business. Now I use the Challenger small 14" single-ply cotton pads. You could also buy some wash cloths - the thicker ones - at your local Target, and use these as pads for stair and upholstery work.

Re: got a box today

The brillo pad sounds like a Fiber plus pad use this pad to prescrub really dirty traffic lanes and spots