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Scotchguard application

Scotchguard, Rhino Shield, Soileze? I have been researching different carpet protectors from the few suppliers we use. Any thoughts on applying protectant. I pretty much use Vacaway Encap Green Intensity on everything combined with various other spotters if needed of course. Just wondering any thoughts from you guys on this, and what you may use to brush it in, I was thinking a push broom.

Re: Scotchguard application

Since "green" is the focus of all of my marketing, I try to stick with this when a customer asks for "Scotchgard", which is usually the only name the customer knows. I explain that I use the lowest-chem fiber protectant available, which is Bioforce's CARPET PROTECTOR. I am then sometimes asked if it is as effective as Scotchgard. My answer is that I have never seen a study performed by a neutral or otherwise unbiased party which rates the effectiveness of carpet protectants. I tell them that I think they will receive good value from my application of the Bioforce product, and I invariably get a go-ahead to do it.

Re: Scotchguard application

Thanks for the input Mark, do you use a carpet rake or brush to work in after you apply, I am planning on using a push broom, or whatever looks the easiest to brush carpet with a wide path at Home Depot?

Re: Scotchguard application

Your OP machine and a FiberPlus pad would probably scrub it in the most effectively.