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One of sec. 8 Pm's had a job for me yesterday. 2 Bedroom apt. These people
were hoarders! 2 little babies and the parents were scumbags Trash eveywhere The place smelled like vomit. Clothes everywhere tiny pieces of paper through out. She called because the previous tenant had a cat and had some smell issues. ? We arrived at the time she agreed on. Oh your early mmm ok We will be back in an hour when your ready for us
That was my nice way of saying clean this &&*(hole up ! We went back any hour later Surprise they had the downstairs cleaned up OR at least they had a pile of stuff in the kitchen. Carpet was dirty but not real bad I figured the layer of clothing held most of the dirt. We then went upstairs and they were sitting their in absolute filthy mess Double the crap as downstairs. I think the were waiting fo us to clean up the crap they had in the way. I told my daughter just to go down the middle of the junk The girl heard me and started moving stuff out of the way. Surprisingly the babies room was kinda normal looking. Well anyway a 2 hour max job turned into a 3.5 hour job. If not for those cute little babies I would have just said no I hated like hell to use Peroxcellent on that place due to the kids crawling around but I did I told them not to let them on the floor for a couple of hrs I went to the dumpster on my way out and tossed 6 cotton pads that I had used along with a new vac bag No telling what was in that place I even went home between jobs took a shower and bagged my clothes Thanks for letting me rant

Re: Yuck

YOU WIN, I've had two jobs like this but not that bad, I just went in and said, OK do what you can and get out, there were just paths, so I cleaned what I could, and what's funny, is that the carpet came out really clean. In both houses the customer never got up from their chairs to inspect, just said thank you.

Re: Yuck

I hope you were able to bill whoever was paying for this job for the cost of your pads.

I have a Sec. 8 family as tenants in a townhouse condo I own, and they are amazingly neat and clean. Previously, people to whom I am related lived there, and they left the place a mess.

Re: Yuck

Mark I billed them almost double They are buying me new clothes pads and most importantly BEER