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Challenger and cleaning tile and grout

1)Has anyone had any experience with the t&g looking a little dull after cleaning it. I don't mean that it stripped off any type of clear coat. However, I cleaned a tile floor using oil eater and the grout lines came out well, the floor just looked like it lost the little shine it had to it. I am not sure if maybe that was cleaning detergent residue left on the floor, I tried to go over some areas with plain water, but still had kind of the same issue?

2)When sealing the grout lines, do you come back after it is completely dry, or do you use some kind of clean and seal combo, or maybe a fan to dry it out quicker, curious about sealing???

3)Any other cleaning solution that is some kind of bio-friendly suggestions? I have used oil eater a couple of times and it seems to work pretty well?

Thanks, any help from those who clean tile and grout with there Challenger would be appreciated.

Re: Challenger and cleaning tile and grout

It's unusual for the surface of the tile itself to look the way you describe. All I can think of is that it looked that way already, beneath any soil that was on it, and you just exposed it for what it was. Ceramic tile can lose its shine, but that can take a pretty long time.

Before sealing, you should wait until the grout is fully dry. I have always taken that to mean overnight drying. I have heard that there is a grout sealant that can be applied immediately after cleaning. Maybe you could inquire over at and see what they say.