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Questions, from this newby

1. Do you have to use the gliders with the Challenger?
2. How do you go about getting Commercial work?

Re: Questions, from this newby

Gliders are an option. I use them on res. plush type pile carpting. Commerical work can be tricky go for locally owned businesses where the owner makes the decisions on site

Re: Questions, from this newby

Best luck I've had is to offer a free demo. Do part of the worst area they have. The hard part is getting to the person that will ok this. Best of luck.

Re: Questions, from this newby

Talk to friends. Make contacts frequent the restaurants, businesses stores. We do 95% commercial work plus we hired a salesman for a few months. Was a little tricky but worked out great. He's retired from real estate and he had contacts too!

Plenty of demos and plenty of calls and more calls.

Sometimes sales are lost because we don't follow up.

We do apts, rentals, restaurant,motels you name it even casinos..

Been at it about 2.5 yrs and we have been steadily growing Thank God!

Learning how to work efficiently has really helped me. Then if I have to lower prices a lil they think their getting a deal . But we have actually been raising prices and also were doing carpet repairs too.

Re: Questions, from this newby

Thanks for the info.

Re: Questions, from this newby

Thanks for the info

Re: Questions, from this newby

Meet movers and shakers in your community and region by joining such organizations as Chamber of Commerce, any other local "booster" type of organization, or neighborhood groups which include one or more areas with businesses in them. invest some time and effort laying some positive groundwork for yourself and your business by being willing to get involved in some of the activities of the group.