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Re: Pads?

Turbo Pads are 65% Poly and 35% Cotton. I would recommend Turbos only when cleaning very delicate carpet. Poly is synthethic fiber and cotton is natural fiber. The higher the percentage of natural fiber the more absorptive but also more abrasive. The higher the content of synthetic like polyester the less abrasive and less absorptive. The Turbo pad, in my opinion, does not last as long as an Enduro pad. Turbos "realy stick" to the pad driver and a person needs to be careful removing them from the driver once they have a little wear on them. I keep some on the truck for delicates.
$15.00 each

Enduro Pads are 80% Cotton and 20% Poly. In my opinion these are the best bang for the buck. Someone may say different but mine last me forever. To me this is the best substitute for the 100% all cotton pad I used to carry that sold for $8.00
Enduros sell for $7.50 each.

I do have some 100% all cotton pads that are hand woven rather than machine woven. I've been selling these for $3.00. I have a customer in Oklahoma that has went to this pad exclusively with very good luck (thanks Brandon) He may want to comment on these pads as well. These pads are not as good as the 100% cotton machine woven I used to carry but not all that bad either.

I have about 200 Turbos in stock.

This post has been laced with both facts and opinions maybe someone else will jump in. Everyone has an opinion on pads just like they do on gliders...Should I use one at all? If so which one...when...where?

Re: Pads?

I like the 3.00 pads for the main reason that I can order more, and therefore have more new pads on hand. I personally have not seen a major difference in performance, I have used the double sided, and the machine woven pads also, these hand woven pads do wear out faster than other pads, but I like to have new pads for customer perception, so it is good for me because I usually start setting darkened pads to the side before there time anyway when using the longer lasting pads. More of a personal preference, than probably any carpet cleaning reason, I like to use new pads, and these allow me to do that. By the way Brooks, I just did a LivingSocial ad and need more pads!!!!