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Re: New guy trying to get his foot in the door !!

Various business start-up programs such as the one I have developed around the Challenger get discussed on various c.c. biz boards from time to time. Oftentimes comments are posted by persons who have never actually worked with the program being discussed. The following are comments posted by some of the people who have purchased and actually had extensive experience with my program. I am omitting the actual names here, but if anyone specifically requests it, I would be willing to provide their contact information.

#1. I bought Mark's Package just under two years ago. I knew nothing about the carpet cleaning business. If I had just bought a Challenger and tried to get going on my own, I would have fallen flat on my face. The additional material in Mark's kit plus the Manual was a wealth of knowledge for me, Also, Mark answered every question that I emailed to him. Before buying, Mark agreed to let me go on a cleaning job with him, so I got some additional training. For me, the extra $500 for Mark's add-on Package was well spent.

The Challenger system, combined with a few extra items suggested by Mark works fantastically for me. Not only are my customers blown away, but when I get a chance to visit their houses again, I am blown away by how great the carpets still look and smell.

#2. I purchased Mark's Package almost four years ago. I have made over $370,000 in the last four years with his Package. It contained a lot of useful stuff. I have done very well with his Package and would not hesitate to send others his way for starting their own low-moisture carpet cleaning businesses.

#3. I bought my Challenger carpet cleaning business Package from Mark D. in Feb. of 2004, and have been cleaning carpets successfully ever since. For the low price - under $2000 - I found it to be an excellent overall value. Certainly it didn't give me everything that I would need to know about carpet, upholstery, or even tile and grout cleaning; no business package can give everything you need to know - not even a franchise which is priced substantially higher. But it gave me all the basic tools, products, and adequate information I needed with a little common sense and effort on my part, to be successful.

The Challenger machine has never failed me to this day. It has never broken down and it continues to satisfy all my customers. I found the hand-held stair machine to work great on both stairs and upholstery.

The Manual, which covers the tools and equipment, doing the work, marketing, pricing, and dealing with the customer, etc., is an excellent resource that covers all the basics to help anyone who is competent and hard-working become a success.

The bottom line is this: if you want to get into a business that's EZ to start, EZ to learn, for a nominal investment, with an excellent profit potential, Mark D's Package is well worth the investment.

#4. I do not know Mark personally. I never met him, and I bought his Package three years ago. His marketing ideas got my business launched and helped me create a customer base which grew and continues to grow. He always answered my questions right to the point professionally and courteously, and I would recommend him and his Package to anyone.

I also think cleaning with the Challenger machine is much more thorough than HWE (hot water extraction). I like HWE, and it does have its place in carpet cleaning, but for general residential and commercial maintenance, you can't beat the Challenger pad system. It cleans and makes the carpet look new. My clients have always been impressed. I recommend it.

#5. I bought Mark's Package about six years ago. No regrets. Fair price for a quality machine and some guidance as to how to work the machine. I am still using the Challenger I purchased from Mark. I currently own four Cimex machines, an additional Challenger, as well as three portable mini extractors and a large portable HWE unit. The Challenger Package gave me a good start at the price of one or two residential jobs. Mark sold me a seed, a little water, and some starter fertilizer. I did the rest.