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Re: Sanding

It is not an ideal machine to use for standard wood floor sanding. For one thing, it is too light. Also, I don't know that it can be hooked up with any kind of dust-vacuuming system, so you would ebd up with sawdust everywhere.
You can use it effectively to do wood floor recoating, where you use a fine sanding screen or a maroon pad to just slightly etch the finish that you are going to recoat.

Re: Sanding

If you want an OP machine with the capability of hooking up a sawdust catcher, then you might want to consider the Oreck LowBoy, or LB as I think they now call it. Go to, select "Products": then select: "orbital floor machines and burnishers". I can get you one of these somewhat discounted below the Oreck direct price. They sell it with a mechanism that allows it to be hooked up with a backpack vacuum.