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Best Places to Go to Start a "Green" Business

If you are still considering starting up a c.c. business that uses chem-free, natural-based cleaning products, where would you have the best chance of making a success of it?
I would suggest going to wherever there is one (or more) stores that already have the kind of environmentally-conscious, above-median-income customers who will become your customers. And that is...........................
wherever you find a Whole Foods Market, or a Trader Joe's store. Both of these businesses have already done all of the research to guide them as to where to open a store where people will pay more than tne norm IF they believe that by doing so they and their families will lead healthier lives. This is particularly the case with Whole Foods Markets. Customers who shop there as opposed to standard-type supermarkets probably spend something like 50% more than standard food shoppers. Trader Joe's is a little different. Their prices are actually quite competitive, but they tend to attract a busy, affluent clientele who want a combination of quality, variety, and convenience above that found in a standard supermarket.
And if you already have your business up & running, but are open to moving, go and check out the websites of these two companies and find out where their current stores, as well as their planned new stores, are located.

Re: Best Places to Go to Start a "Green" Business

College towns are a good bet also I do alot of work in the college town near me

Re: Best Places to Go to Start a "Green" Business

Stay away from Austin!!!