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Weight on challenger for Tile and Grout Cleaning

Thanks to those who have given feedback on some of the T&G questions lately, Mark, Mike, Steve, and others.

I know there are a lot of other sites that concentrate on tile and grout, but I like this forum because there are many cleaners here whom have had success using the Challenger as their main cleaning tool.

I have started back cleaning T&G, using oil eater, I can get it locally and it is inexpensive, so thanks for the suggestion. The two jobs I did today looked okay, it was hard to tell as they were still drying, but overall it was a good start. I am going back to check on them soon.

1) I used 10lb of weight on a 3/4 Challenger, do you use more weight than this?

2) I have the cross type t and g brush from challenger, is there another brush available, it seems like a brush with bristles placed closer together would work better, what brush do you all use?

3) How can you tell which areas may need more attention with a grout scrubbing brush when the grout lines are so wet that it all looks dark? Does anyone use a fan? or anything else for this?

Re: Weight on challenger for Tile and Grout Cleaning

when I add weight its 30lbs. sometimes ill use a pad to areas in question. otherwise I just mop to save my pads