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Polyester carpets black traffic and spots in general?

I have always had trouble with a particular type of carpet. It resembles little pieces of yarn, I think it the pattern is called a saxony pile or textured plush. I don't know what it's made of, but my guess is polyester from what I've tried to research on different carpets. There tends to always accumulate very heavy traffic spots right by the couch where people put their feet, and of course the traffic lanes are always very dark also. These are not the normal traffic lane type wear however, or soil filtration lines. I can usually get the carpet to lighten up a lot in these areas, but never really get the darkness out. I was reading elsewhere that polyester and olefin carpets are prone to oily stains and that these type of stains can chemically bond with the fiber?? So I am thinking that maybe the oils from normal foot traffic at the couch are causing this. I cleaned a carpet the other day, and my customer informed me that he had a HWE get that type of stain out (Which I have my doubts) I have another customer who said that when I came out using OP it had gotten lighter than when she had it steam cleaned. What do you think? Does anyone else have this experience?

I have tried products suggested by Vacaway on these type of stain/traffic areas and had about the same results. I am thinking of trying Oil Eater on it, however from what I have found so far and the way it looks, I don't think it will come all the way out.

Re: Polyester carpets black traffic and spots in general?

try Hot Knife

Re: Polyester carpets black traffic and spots in general?

oil eater works great for me! I love the stuff! I get 5 gals for $55.00 and the stuff goes a long way.

Re: Polyester carpets black traffic and spots in general?

I had a chance to try oil eater today on the situation that I run into every once in a while described above and it worked pretty good, the dark spot where the customer put their feet by the couch did not come all the way out, but it came out better than before, came to a dim gray. I have actually tried hot knife on this, and it worked okay, still did not come all the way out, but I also did not try a fiberplus like I did with the oil eater recently.

So is anyone able to get this type of stain all the way out, I am aware that traffic lanes and worn carpets look different even though they are clean, but I'm speaking of certain carpets that collect very dark spots where people put their feet usually right in front of the couch, or in front of an office chair, and only the carpet I described above, all other carpets don't seem to collects these dark spots????

I just want to make sure I am giving my customer good information, I don't think HWE would work better on this, but I have never tried it.

Re: Polyester carpets black traffic and spots in general?

Maybe try using a stair tool in this limited area, and your most absorbent pads. With a small tool, you can kind of rock it, and push the edges (not too hard!) down into the soiled area.