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Is the Challenger system compatable with any other sytems out there as far as cross ordering supplies?
For instance, I was looking for the "red" and "black" pads on the Challenger site and didnot Cimex site the supplies are endless. Their machine seems to be multi-use for concrete,marble, tile, etc. So, I really like the Challenger system the best as far as carpet and tile goes, but how much more i can do with this system is unknown. This is why I wanted to know if I could cross order, say, a driver from Cimex that allows me to do concrete but with the Challenger Titan.

Re: Compatability?

Keep in mind that the Cimex has a very different design than either OP or standard rotary floor machines. Pads of just about every type, however, are interchangeable. I have a 24" Cimex that I use on my largest commercial jobs. I can take a FiberPlus or FiberMax pad that is used on one of the three heads of this super-size machine and use it quite nicely on my little Cleanfix Floormac (a 12" orbital machine similar to the Oreck Orbiter XXL) I also have an Orbitec CX-20 machine, and pads sized for it can be easily trimmed to be used with a smaller Challenger.

Re: Compatability?

Additional comments: if you are interested in working on natural stone floors, you should look into the pads made by
EcoStone. Eco Pads, as well as the newer Cheetah Pads. These would work well with an OP machine.