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Re: Commercial CC machine

Thanks for the reply Mark, I will try again using these items.

What chemical do you use, and where do you buy it?

Re: Commercial CC machine

Peroxcellent from vacaway is a very good choice for tile and grout. It is intened for carpet but does a good job on tile as well

Re: Commercial CC machine

Hey Steve I actually just bought some Peroxcellent recently still haven't used it, bought it to try out on urine stains.

What dilution do you use on grout lines? Do you use your challenger with T&G brush only, or do you also use some other tools?

Thanks for the feedback

Re: Commercial CC machine

I use peroxy at 10 oz per gallon just like I would for carpet. I also carry along a wet vac a swiveling grout brush and a bunch of double cotton pads or some beat up tuways that I wont use on carpets. I usel the tile and grout brush on the Challenger. When I first got it I thought it was cheesy but it does a good job.My only complaint is that the bristles are too short for deep grout lines. That is where the other brush comes in.