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Mark I noticed in another post that you have a rocket sprayer. Are they any good ? I thought I had a nice Shurflo sprayer that I was using but it is a POS. Sprays ok for about a minute then has to rest for about 3 I am looking into a Pepsi type sprayer. Then I noticed that you had a rocket. What are your thoughts on this sprayer

Re: Sprayers

I bought mine some 10 years ago as one of the company's reconditioned units. I think I paid around $150 for it. I have used it less since having bought a CX-20 with its own spray system onboard. On a recent job it (the Orbitec) wasn't spraying well (one of the 2 nozzles was putting cleaning solution out in more of a straight line than as a spray, which is when I switched to the Rocket.) Since the Rocket sprays faster, as well as over a larger area than the Orbitec, I don't think I lost any time at all. Right now, however, the battery in my Rocket doesn't seem to want to charge.