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looking to make the jump

Hi everyone. Mark, I talked to you the other day. Looking good so far as to wanting to buy your equipment. Just a few more quetions. Does the packege include everything I would need for carpet AND tile? Or is there a different head for the machine? And other than a 2" difference on the Titan if I decide to go with that, is the Titan a better machine than the 15" machines? One more if I may. What is the difference between the Titan 17" and the Orbitec Defender 17"? other than cost.

Re: looking to make the jump

In order to be able to offer Tile & Grout cleaning services to your customers, you would want to order the Challenger T & G brush with your Package. It is only $35 additional. The same pad driver is used as with cleaning carpets. The T & G brush attaches to the pad driver (head) via hook & loop (Velcro).

The Titan is a comparable machine to the standard 15" Challenger, only with a wider cleaning path. It is also maybe 10 pounds heavier.

The main, and possibly only, real difference between the Titan and the comparably sized Orbitec Defender is that the wheels are different. With the Challenger, the wheels are only used to move the machine from one place to another. With the Defender, the wheels are on the floor while the machine is operating. Some people like this feature, finding that it enhances operating stability. Others prefer that the full weight of the machine be used to bear down on the carpet while cleaning is going on. With the Defender, since the wheels on the floor are supporting some of the machine's weight, less weight is pressing down on the pad that is scrubbing and cleaning the carpet.