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What would be a good price for seo

Just Curious what would you guys think is a reasonable price doing seo.What would motivate you guys to take action..I am trying to figure out what would be a fair price to charge..I know i can get people on first page of there keyword..It maybe will take a few months depending on how old your domain is.Any inputs would be great!!

Re: What would be a good price for seo

If most people are like me, then anyone with a website receives endless spam emails from people promising to get them to the top of the relevant Google page, if only you would hire them to do the SEO. Maybe there is some way to stand out from the pack by tying payment for SEO results to any actual improvement in page positioning. Something like pay-per-click. With pay-per-click, you don't pay, unless someone actually clicks through to your website. Maybe with SEO services, you don't pay, unless you website achieves a specifically higher position.

Re: What would be a good price for seo

Hey,Mark I thought about doing something like that to,Maybe collect some money upfront and money when i get the achieved results..There is some much work to be done to a website and also if someone has a new domain it;'s takes twice as long..i was thinking of doing 400 upfront and 250.00 a month after 90 will give me time to get some good rankings.Thanks for your inpute.