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Participate in Local "Green Fests"

All around the country, and the globe, probably, in the Spring, there are countless "Green" expos, fests, and similarly labelled goings-on in which the public is invited to come and listen to speakers on environmental matters, and to learn about companies doing business in their area who sell products or services which can be considered to be Green, Ecological, Sustainable, or whatever word you want to use. I have been invited to participate in three of these events so far this year, including a request to speak at one.
These are no-cost or low-cost marketing opportunities. I have paid a total of $50 to be involved in all three. If you have adopted the use of natural cleaning products in your c.c. business, you will be able to meet and talk with
a lot of local folks who will respond positively to what you are offering.

Usually a table is provided. Bring along a sign visible from across the room, whatever cards or brochures you pass out to prospects, and dress in a pleasing - though not formal - manner. Be ready to talk with people. I also pass out 6-oz. bottles of a veg-based spot cleaning product with my logo and business contact info printed on the label. You can order these inexpensively from Vacaway.

Get out there and meet your public. They want to meet you.
If not this year, put it on your calendar to find out about these shows in your area next year.