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New Guy

John "JR" Ackerman
Omaha Nebraska

Re: New Guy

Tried my neeeewwwww Challenger last night on a bank owned home that I bought. The WORST thick filtration lines and d-i-r-t-y/s-t-a-i-n-e-d carpet. Bought Cyclone from Vacaway. WOW! BINGO! Baseboard and vent lines for the most part are gone (saving $2k on new carpet). Orbit and Spot & Boost cleaned carpet well. Great machine and great products! This is going to be fun. Thanks Mark and Brooks for getting the package out to me on time. I can starting moving the furnniture in TODAY! My wife was VERY pleased with the carpets! I had my 9 year old son work the machine a little. It is a simple to operate piece of money making equipment. Best regards, J.R.

Re: New Guy

Thanks for reporting on the results you obtained on your new home, JR. Now get out there and do some jobs that you will actually be paid for!! Enjoy the new home.