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Just started my Facebook business page

I also found that I could find some of my past customers who where really pleased with my co., so I messaged them and sent a link for them to write a review for the directory I am on to keep me on top of the listings, and also suggested they like my page.

I have no further info on this because I just did it, but maybe some other people will find this helpful in building business.

Re: Facebook

I am kinda of a computard I tried to get on face book with my biz I didnt know how much they were going to charge me so I stopped before it went active

Re: Facebook

I have mixed emotions about the use of Facebook and Twitter by businesses. I realize that there are businesses that believe social networks are successful avenues for them to increase profits. But weren't these two sites designed and developed to foster increased communications between individuals? Isn't that why they are called "social" networks? And hasn't business just kind of jumped on them as if they were just another billboard or 30-second TV commercial to fill up with advertising verbiage? I may yet reassess my thoughts on this matter, but for the moment I am remaining on the sidelines.