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stair tool pads

Mark, Soon I will need to order some more stair tool pads. I have the smaller stair tool machine you sent with the package. How much for the pads? Also, if I need to replace the velcro on the stair tool machine what would you recommend to do this in the most cost effective manner? Thanks........Sam

Re: stair tool pads

For several years I was able to have double-sided terrycloth pads custom made in 8" size by Argo & Co., makers of Argosheen. Argo has recently gone out of business. So more recently I have been sending out the 14" pads that Challenger sells at their website for $4.50 each. ( They are larger than I like, but can be worked with. You might want to use a rubber band to help hold them on to the tool. Or you could go to any store that sells towels and buy facecloths. These also would work. What I don't suggest you use are the TuWay 8" pads sold by Excellent-Supply to work with the Cimex. These are 100% synthetic fibers, and stick so tightly to the velcro that they will rip it right off.
If your velcro comes off within a year of your buying my Package, I will ship you a replacement stair tool at no cost. Beyond one year, I will set up another one and ship it to you for $60, incl. shipping. If the velcro comes off your tool, try gluing it back with Gorilla glue, which is what I use.